This what snapseed can do

This is my edit of my recent landscape photo,i love the outcome. If you really love this post process and you wanna know more about it,tell me in the comment box.😛📸

That special ingredient in SNAPSEED 

The most relevant feature on the snapseed is the selective feature so far as i am concerned.. this feature brings gradual and advanced editing form to the photo. It allows you edit a particular portion of the photo getting the perfect look you want in the Saturation, structure, brightness and contract. This feature is what…

I can still call them landscapes

Landscape photos from my recent shoots…like i could still call them landscapes 😁😁. To me landscape is all about composition or the message from the photo.

Zoom on mobile is still an advantage

I took these photos with my cellphone, of course i dont work with a dslr now🤧. They say zooming in a mobile is wrong, they say it makes you loose quality of your photos. Yeah thats true but it can still get your photos look more dope and nice if you are using a mobile…