The best things about cinematic presets

Cinematic presets are presets that keep your photos epic and alive no matter how bad the raw version of the photos looks. They bring out the highlight and shadows in a photography and keep them looking stunning👍 and professional. They keep and maintain a very artistic 🎨 and dramatic 🎭 effects on the photographs making it more beautiful and great. Cinematic presets can either get … Continue reading The best things about cinematic presets

That special ingredient in SNAPSEED 

The most relevant feature on the snapseed is the selective feature so far as i am concerned.. this feature brings gradual and advanced editing form to the photo. It allows you edit a particular portion of the photo getting the perfect look you want in the Saturation, structure, brightness and contract. This feature is what i really thank the snapseed for.. it is great in … Continue reading That special ingredient in SNAPSEED