Juicy is still dope

After some work, i choose to relax my nerves with some juice, i love pineapple and apple flavoured juice 🍹. Can i know yours?

Still on my red vibe preset

I’m still loving my red toned preset i created in my mobile lightroom, it really gives me a very different lovely 😊 looking vibes, i used it on one of the photos and used my normal preset on the rest. I wanna hear what you have to say about, but that doesn’t mean i will…

My pearl

She is pretty and she is adorable, i have always felt comfortable around you. These are portraits i edited yesterday because she wanted to see more beauty in her photos. I loves these photos i swear. Comment your favorite 😊.

Brewed black and white or colored

I made these photos last two days in my living room, i was literally waiting on the day ☀️, i was kind of meditating, and i was playing some calm music as well, thats a brewed can drink in my hand, it wasn’t long after i thought 🤔 about making these two sets of photos…

Mobile videography(macro videography)

I just made my first 💯 video to see how good i can go on videography because i know i will be into the videography section too soon, i really feel happy at my out though i did not do much work here.

The best things about cinematic presets

Cinematic presets are presets that keep your photos epic and alive no matter how bad the raw version of the photos looks. They bring out the highlight and shadows in a photography and keep them looking stunning👍 and professional. They keep and maintain a very artistic 🎨 and dramatic 🎭 effects on the photographs making…

Bokeh out of leaves

These photos are created out of my love for bokeh and low angle photography. The shots where made at different places, the first photo was taking in my buddy’s compound and th second one was made in my house.  I love the second photo because i achieved like three agendas here,the composition,the bokeh and the…

Macro morning

These photos were made few days before yesterday 😁. Comment your favorite please.