Garden egg fruit still photography

We African are very used to this fruit or vegetable, I don't even know what to call it. This fruit is a very important fruit when it comes to tradition,here in Nigeria this fruit is served to almost every visitor as a sign of togetherness and friendship. Apart from that I learnt it is a... Continue Reading →


What is your favorite food

I really love pasta a lot. perhaps, I was so hungry when I was about to make this shoot. I got the outcome I wanted and thanks to vsco because I really feel every uniqueness in there presets and editing platform. I would love to know how you feel about this shots, you can tell... Continue Reading →

Why I still choose VSCO editing platform

The vsco editing platform is the best for a natural and lifestyle photographer because of its friendly and easy interface, it provides you with the major editing features. You would definitely get the best from it. Vsco has lovable, dramatic and epic filters which you can play around with despite your level of enhancements in... Continue Reading →

The secret behind edited photos

Hello guys, it was a low-key weekend and it was quite not lovely for me because I had some health issues. All the same I never stopped shooting, I produced some photos I loved so much, they came out amazing, thanks to vsco. I'm really impressed with their post production in the photography company. Have... Continue Reading →

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